Should You Connect With Universities On Naviance? Best Answer

Should You Connect With Universities On Naviance? – Several students have been on the crossroad whether to allow universities to connect with them on Naviance or not.

Apparently, no one wants to take chances when it comes to their university applications, making a move that may negatively impact your chances of getting an admission is one thing you should avoid.

However, if you’ve been wondering if it’s actually a good idea to connect with universities on Naviance, this article will give you all the answers you need.

First off, it’s just pertinent that you understand what Naviance is all about and its function with regards to your university admission.

How Does Naviance Help Students?

Naviance offers an exceptional assistance to students who desire to create an excellent academic future, the platform has several resources and features that helps students to actualise their academic goals.

For Naviance, helping a student to properly organise and structure their academic and career future is the ultimate goal. This explains why several universities make use of the platform both in accessing a student’s academic performance and also offering scholarships through Naviance.
Below is how Naviance help students;

1. Helps Students To Make Proper Decision Regarding Their University Education

Naviance is a platform that helps students to have a better knowledge of the university they wish to attend. Students can lookup colleges and universities offering their major.
The platform also help students to know which university is best fit for them based on factors like; distance, financials, and academic profile.
Naviance has important tools like College Research & Application, and AchieveWorks Assessments.

2. Simplifies Admission Process

With the Naviance college search feature, students are able to have a focus on their university admission process. The advanced college search feature is quite helpful in building you college list. This feature makes it possible for only relevant universities to be displayed on the student’s college list.
Through the Naviance platform, a student can apply for admission in any college of their choice directly. Students can add or remove colleges on Naviance without much stress.

3. Provides A Platform For Students To Share Transcripts

One of the major ways Naviance help students is by making their transcripts available to interesting colleges and universities. Students transcripts are mostly sent to schools based on requests. This will be done by Naviance once the student has indicated which college it should be sent to.

4. Helps Students To Make Proper Decision Regarding Their Future Careers

Naviance has an important feature that helps students to make informed decisions regarding their future careers. There are several important tools like; Career Interest Profiler, Career Exploration and Planning, and Career Key. These tools help students to have a better plan for their future careers.

Should You Connect With Universities On Naviance

Should You Connect With Universities On Naviance?

Yes, connecting with universities on Naviance is mainly for your own good, this is as long as you have your updated transcript and other information available.

Accepting connection requests from schools who want to view your information isn’t a bad move, except you don’t have your complete information on the platform.

Yes, there may be several requests that are spam and this makes it confusing to actually know which request is truly legitimate. If you are able to connect with real universities and colleges on Naviance, there are a few benefits you might get.

Why You Should Connect With Universities On Naviance

Just like we explained before, you should connect with universities on Naviance, this is especially if you are either a high school junior or senior.
Below are few reasons why you should connect with universities on Naviance.

  • It gives the university an opportunity to access your information and may help you to get admission easily.
  • Depending on your academic performance in high school, you may get an occasional fee waiver which is instrumental in decreasing the cost of college applications.

Do Colleges Look At Naviance?

Do, almost half of the colleges in the United States make use of Naviance as part of their admission process. Several colleges obtain students’ applications and transcripts through Naviance.

A little research has shown that students who apply to colleges through Naviance tend to easily get accepted by these colleges, this is because the tools available at Naviance help to ensure they meet up with admission requirements of these colleges.


Should You Connect With Universities On Naviance? Yes, you schould connect with universities on Naviance, this will give them the chance to check your information and possibly offer you admission.

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