How To Find Scholarships On Naviance (Full Best Guide)

How To Find Scholarships On Naviance – Most high schools in the United States use Naviance to keep records of progress made by their students. The importance of Naviance in the American educational system can’t be overestimated.

With Naviance, students are able to create a pathway for excellence in their academics, there are several resources and provisions available on Naviance for all students irrespective of their grades.

Overtime, Naviance has become a very instrumental software used by schools to assist students with college applications. Records of these students are being kept at Naviance and later sent to colleges when needed.

On this article, we’ll be discussing the importance of Naviance, and how to find scholarships on Naviance. Research shows that lots of students are unaware that they can actually use Naviance to search for and apply for scholarships.

Recently, the question ‘How to find scholarships on Naviance’ has been asked on the internet, this is why we are putting up this article to provide a comprehensive guide on how to find scholarships on Naviance.

Can I Find Scholarships On Naviance?

Yes, there are lots of vetted scholarships available at Naviance, these scholarships are mostly for high school seniors who are graduating and heading to college.

The Naviance platform shows both local and national scholarships as well as their requirements. With Naviance, the process of searching and applying for a scholarship is simplified and everything can be done online. The platform gives schools the opportunity to help their students in their educational pursuits, the platform is also used by parents.

Naviance is a very useful software for American students and there are several features on the platform that will help shape a student’s chosen career, continue reading this article as we will explain these features.

How To Find Scholarships On Naviance

To find a scholarship on Naviance is relatively easy, the software makes it possible for students to easily locate scholarships they are eligible for, each of the scholarships available at Naviance are directly sent by the scholarship board to Navianc, these scholarships are vetted before they are posted on the platform. Follow the steps below to learn how to find scholarships on Naviance.

  • Register or log in to your Naviance account with your school name or zip code.
  • Navigate to your family page and click on the ‘colleges’ button. Scroll down the page to see the scholarships and money options displayed.
  • You’ll see several information on scholarships that have been sent to WHS requesting for nominations.
  • Click on the ‘scholarship match’ link to display list of scholarships sent by scholarship board directly to Naviance.
  • Carefully check through each scholarship requirement to see the one that you are eligible for, click on it and go through the application process.
    Scholarships displayed on Naviance have their specific requirements like ACT and SAT scores, you need to match their criteria before you can proceed on the application.

Does Naviance Send Transcripts Electronically?

Yes, students transcripts are sent electronically from Naviance to colleges and universities that require it. With the Naviance eDocs, delivery of transcript is done directly to a college or university of the student’s choice.

The student has to indicate which college or university the transcript should be sent to, Naviance will electronically send it once the application is done. Also Read: 12 Sure Scholarship For Students Who Wear Glasses In United States.

Naviance Login Guide

To search for scholarships available at Naviance, you must log in or create a Naviance account. Follow the steps below to successfully log in to your Naviance account.

  • On your web browser, visit Naviance website.
  • Under ‘Account Log-in’ click ‘For Students and Parents’.
  • Under the ‘Enter your school name, city, or zipcode’ enter the corresponding details to identify your school, click ‘Go’ once you are done.
  • Check the results that are shown and select your school.
  • Click the ‘Student’ button.
  • You’ll be redirected to the login page, provide your email or username, and Password to log in to Naviance.
How To Find Scholarships On Naviance

How To Register At Naviance

Before you make use of Naviance, you are required to have an account whether you are a student, parent, school, or district staff member. To register at Naviance, follow the steps below.

  • Visit Naviance website on your web browser
  • Click ‘For Students and Parents’ located under ‘Account Log-in’.
  • Under the ‘Enter your school name, city, or zipcode’ enter the corresponding details to identify your school, you can use your school zip code to identify your school.
  • Click ‘Go’ once you are done.
  • Locate your school in the list of schools displayed and click on it.
  • Click the ‘Student’ button.
  • The log in page will open, click on ‘I’m new and need to register’.
  • Once the registration page opens, you’ll be required to insert the registration code you obtained from your school or your district.
  • After inserting the code, click ‘Register’.
    Follow the on-screen instruction to successfully register on Naviance.

Important Features Available For Students At Naviance

There are several vital features that are available for students on Naviance. With these tools, students can make informed decisions regarding their futures and careers.
Below are some of the tools available for students at Naviance.

  • Career Interest Profiler
  • AchieveWorks Assessments
  • Career Key
  • Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsExplorer.

There are other important features on Naviance such as Career Exploration and Planning, Course Planning, and College Research & Application.

Are Scholarships At Naviance Legit?

Yes, scholaships posted at Naviance are legit, these scholarships are properly vetted before they are posted on the platform.
There are numerous benefits for students at Naviance, one of the main objectives of Naviance is to ensure that students arrive at meaningful and fulfilling careers irrespective of the paths they took. You can read more about Naviance here.

Naviance isn’t only beneficial to students, schools have come to find the software extremely useful, this explains why schools have been using the software over the years.

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