Kroc Center Scholarship – Full Details & Application

Kroc Center Scholarship – This is one of the special scholarships for Kroc Center both members and intending members. With so many exciting features available at Kroc Center, being a beneficiary of the Kroc Center Scholarship is certainly what you don’t want to miss.

On this article, we’ll explain everything about the Kroc Center Scholarship application, eligibility, requirements, and the scholarship deadline.

What Is Kroc Center Scholarship?

This is a scholarship program awarded to members of the Kroc Center and also intending members. The scholarship is aimed at assisting both members and non-members to have access to the Kroc Center.

As a beneficiary of this special scholarship, you get the necessary assistant you need to grow your natural talents and gifts through access to several features and classes. Also read: Is The Nitro Scholarship Legit?

Kroc Center Scholarship Categories

The Kroc Center Scholarship is of two main categories;

  • Class Scholarship: This is a scholarship award for both members and intending members to attend classes at The Kroc Center. There are several classes at Kroc Center including; Aquatics, Arts & Education, Camp Kroc Day Camps, Health & Wellness, Senior Programs, Sports & Recreation.
    Beneficiaries of the Class Scholarship can attend any of the classes listed above throughout the scholarship period. The Kroc Center provide scholarships for up to 50% off a Kroc Center class.
  • Membership Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to those who intend to become Gold or Silver members at The Kroc Center. Since Kroc Center membership is renewed monthly, getting a scholarship gives you an opportunity of becoming a Kroc Center member for free and each scholarship is valid for one year.

Kroc Center Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must;

  • Attend The Well (The Kroc Church) at least 4 times.
  • Be unemployed.
  • Be a current or intending Kroc Center member.
  • Must be a resident in the United States.

Kroc Center Scholarship Requirements

To stand a chance of qualifying for this scholarship, there are several requirements that must be met. Read the requirements below.

  • Provide your income verification.
  • Provide your membership application form.
  • Provide paper copies of Federal 1040 tax form of all adults in the household for immediate past year, or,
  • You should provide Eligibility Award Letter from The Department of Health and Welfare, if you are not legally required to file taxes.
  • Provide Social Security Benefit Verification Letter.
  • Provide Social Security Disability Award Letter
  • Provide VA benefits.
  • Provide unemployment verification.
  • Provide Pension documents.

Kroc Center Scholarship Value

The scholarship is valued between $300 to $1500, the scholarship program runs for one year. Winners of the previous year’s award can renew their scholarships and continue to enjoy the benefits. Also read: How To Find Scholarships On Naviance

Kroc Center Scholarship Application

The entire process of applying for this scholarship is done both online and offline. You can either download the scholarship application form online, fill it and submit or pick up the application form at the Kroc Center front desk.
Please note that each Kroc Center location has their unique application form link on their own website. You should search for the url of the Kroc Center in your location and download the application form from there.

Below is the application process for the scholarship.

  • Download the Scholarship Application form from the website of the Kroc Center you are applying to, or,
  • Pick up the application form at The Kroc Center front desk close to you.
  • Fill the form and submitted it at The Kroc Center along with household income verification.
Kroc Center Scholarship

Kroc Center Hawaii Scholarship Application

The Kroc Center Hawaii scholarship application is currently ongoing, the application is available for both existing and intending members of The Kroc Center, Hawaii.
Currently, only the membership scholarship is available at the Kroc Center, Hawaii.

Follow the steps below for the scholarship application.

  • Download the scholarship form here, and the Membership application form here, or pick up these two forms at the Kroc Center member service desk, Hawaii.
  • Attach every household income verification documents with the application forms and submit them at the Kroc Center Member Services Desk or through email:

Kroc Center San Diego Scholarships

The Kroc Center San Diego scholarships is currently ongoing for both members and intending members. You can apply for the scholarship anytime of the year as long as you are residing in the United States.

To apply for the Kroc Center San Diego scholarship, follow the steps below.

  • Download the scholarship form here, or pick up the form at the front desk of the Kroc Center, San Diego.
  • Attach every household income verification documents along with the application form and submit at the Kroc Center Front Desk.

Kroc Center Scholarship Application Deadline

The Kroc Center Scholarship application is open for both members and intending members any time of the year, there is no deadline.

This means that you can apply for the scholarship at any time. However, scholarship applications are reviewed within 30 days after submission. Also read: 12 Sure Scholarship For Students Who Wear Glasses In United States

Kroc Center Scholarship Renewal

Beneficiaries of the Kroc Center Scholarships can renew their scholarships at the expiration of their current scholarships by resubmitting their application forms and membership application forms.

The whole process of the scholarship renewal is just the same as applying for the first time.

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