Do Colleges Care About Middle School Suspensions? Best Answer

Do Colleges Care About Middle School Suspensions? – Several parents and students have been getting worried over the possibility of middle school suspensions affecting their college admission.
Majority of the students who got suspended at middle schools always find themselves in the dilemma of whether to say the truth when asked about past suspensions or if they should just learn.

Of course, every student wants their college admission form to look impressive, but just before you go through the lying lane, you need to know if colleges really care about middle school suspensions.

So, do colleges care about middle school suspensions? Of course not, you were just growing up while at middle school, the possibility of making mistakes were quite much and it’s even difficult not to, colleges don’t care about these suspensions.
It doesn’t stop there, read this article carefully to learn more about this and why you should worry over middle school suspensions.

Do Colleges Care About Middle School Suspensions?

Not at all, colleges don’t care about the suspensions you had while at middle school. As a matter of fact, colleges are only focused on a student’s performance in high school.

However, a college may be slightly concerned about a middle school suspension if you were suspended for serious offences.

A student that was suspended in multiple times while in middle school may feel the effect in their college admission.

That being said, 95% of the colleges in the United States don’t look at anything from middle school, they are concerned over your performance in high school.

What Happens If You Get Suspended In Middle School?

Typically, middle school suspensions have little or no effect on a student’s future academic pursuit, you have the chance to put the record straight in your high school.

Middle school is more like a sorting house, kids are growing up and more likely to make mistakes. This is why middle school suspensions aren’t taken seriously.

However, if a student killed somebody, that will definitely be considered and will surely have an effect on the kid’s future academic pursuit.

Offences committed during middle school is often attributed to immaturity, the student is expected to grow above them and be a better person in high school. Which Group Of College Students Is Typically Offered Scholarships? Best Answer

Do Colleges Look At Middle School Disciplinary Records?

Colleges don’t consider students’ disciplinary records at middle schools. Colleges don’t care about a student’s middle school conduct, grades, and suspensions.

Like we explained before, whatever offence a student must have committed while in middle school stays there, it will not be considered during college admission.

This is except the student committed a grievous offense like murder, this will be likely considered and may affect the student’s college admission.

Apart from murder, colleges won’t really look at your middle school disciplinary record, not at all.

Do Colleges Care About Middle School Suspensions

Do Colleges Care About High School Suspensions?

Yes, colleges care a great deal about a student’s high school suspension, a student’s high school record may determine if admission will be offered or not.

Surely, students are required by colleges to indicate if they have been suspended before or not, this is during the admission process. It is expected that the student will be sincere with the answer they provide.

Although, majority of the high school suspensions won’t stop a college from offering admission, most colleges want to know if the student turned a new leaf and regretted their actions.

Your admission could be retracted if the college later discovers that you lied about getting suspended in high school, this is why you should be sincere with your response.

You will be given a chance to provide details of your high school suspensions on the college application form, this shows that colleges care about high school suspensions.

When You Get Suspended From School Does It Go On Your Permanent Record?

Not all school suspension get recorded on a student’s permanent record. As a matter of fact, majority of them don’t make it to the record.

A student’s permanent record mostly contains a student’s name, parent’s name, phone number, attendance, residential address, date of birth, received awards, previous schools attended, and vital exam scores.

Your high school may record a few suspensions on your permanent record but this isn’t a norm. Contrary to what several high school students believe, the permanent records contains important information and mostly doesn’t carry disciplinary records.

That being said, grievous offences may be recorded on a student’s permanent record, but that’s the decision of the high school. Also read: Is It Too Early To Transfer Colleges As A Junior? Best Answer

Do Elementary School Suspensions Go On Your Record

Yes, any suspension will surely go on your record but that will likely not carry any weight beyond elementary school.

When an elementary school student earns a suspension, it may be recorded in the permanent elementary school record, it may have a little effect on middle school admission but will certainly end there.

Suspensions at the elementary school can’t hurt your high school, college, or even job applications, no one cares about such records.


Do Colleges Care About Middle School Suspensions? No, colleges don’t look at middle school disciplinary records, those records don’t have effect on a student’s college admission.

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